Straits Times Featured Articles Over The Years

Joint CSR Project by: Gracehaven * Hwa Chong Institution * Asia Flight Simulation Centre

"Children's home residents play Top Gun for a day"
"A dozen boys pilot F16 jets on flight simulators during community outreach project"

Students get taste of flying at new $100m pilot training facility

"Air Race Winners in Multi-Million $ Boeing Simulator"
"According to Hwa Chong Institution's senior consultant for physics and research Mrs Ng-Ang Siew Hoon, the visit will help the students put the theories they learn in school into practice in the real world."

Video Game as Teaching Tool - TKSS

"Using a video game as a teaching tool is a great way to ensure that students pay attention in class."
--- Mr Tan Kee Hoe, Science HOD, Tanjong Katong Sec School

Advanced Module on Fighter Technology

"It was a big hit and proved very effective. Also, it made the learning process fun for the students."
--- Mrs Ng Siew Hoon, Physics Teacher, Hwa Chong Institution

The Sky is the Limit

"Most of the time, students do not enjoy what they are studying because they do not see its applications. They may enjoy it better if they can see how their knowledge is applied."
- Mr Tan Peng Yeon, Science HOD, Woodlands Secondary School