Hwa Chong Institution

"Very well-planned program, the instructor is engaging and relay the materials to us in a fun and engaging manner. 10 stars ! "

"Wonderful course with an exceptional trainer."

"This program is an enriching, interesting and fruitful one. I would definitely recommend this to my other friends."

"Very fun and INSPIRATIONAL. Hope to join again."

"The amount of practical and theory time appointed was very balanced, instructions were extremely clear."

"Very fun, exciting and interesting sessions. Really hope to join again! :)"

"Extremely experienced, makes training / lessons engaging."

"I think that this course is very meaningful and enriching so I would recommend it to my friends."

"Funny and humorous, able to explain in simple, easy-to-understand terms."

"Is able to pique interests of students, very engaging lessons."

Raffles Institution

"Should have it again for other batches of Rafflesians."

"Excellent course. Very fun and good for application of Physics."

"It was extremely enjoyable and I learnt not only about flying as a pilot, but the Science behind the controls and navigation. Fun and educational !"

"Truly beneficial. This is a must-try programme for every student interested in aviation."

"Very wide range of knowledge, both scientific and practical."

"Highly engaging … hard to sleep :)"

"Was very engaging at all times & very skilful at the programme."

"A plethora of videos, slides and manuals are used to enhance participants' knowledge."

"Hold the Advanced course in Raffles Institution."

"He teaches in an explicit way with lots of humorous and suitable examples."

Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

"This course really exposed me to a new world of Science. I totally recommend this course !"

"It is a fascinating door to the world of aeroplanes and flying jets. Hope this program continues !"

The program was very interesting and I thought the Space part of it was a really good idea too. The instructor's enthusiasm and passion really inspired us to be more interested.

"Very humorous and inducive !!"

"Sufficient time for practice is given."

"This is an educational and meaningful course. Thanks for the chance."

"Exciting way of talking about real-life aerospace events."

"Very interesting & engaging."

"It was enriching."

"The teacher is funny and explains very well."

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

"I can understand and apply the skills into my academics."

"The Physics part was good as it required you to apply your knowledge."

"Please have more sessions for the next batch thanks!"

"Had very thrilling flying experience with the simulation :). However, I hope there were longer sessions."

"He is good at maintaining order in the class and shares interesting stories."

"Uses many interesting examples as explanations."

"Longer session. I really enjoyed myself and it was a new experience."

"Lots of substantial examples & videos :)."

"The programme should be longer so we can fully benefit from this aerospace workshop."

"He tried his best to share with us as much as possible."

CHIJ St Theresa's Convent

"I think this course is excellent and had a remarkable experience. It lets me gain in my science and would definitely take up this course if given opportunity."

"This course has made me understand the amount of work a pilot has to do. The course has inspired me to realise that the products of science are remarkable."

"Overall I loved this course. I didn't want it to end !"

"The software of aerospace was very fun and enriching; the instructor is engaging and can explain the key concepts of physics in aerospace dynamics."

"Very fun and knowledgeable. Videos gave me a better understanding on the fundamental of science and on airplanes."

"Very good teacher ! He engaged the class in the lesson very well :)."

"He answers to all our questions and tries his best to help us with the best of his ability."

"He taught us the skills clearly and made it easy to understand. Good knowledge in flying plane."

"I hope that besides a course for this, I hope there will be a camp."

"He could get everyone's attention and he would help when we needed it."

Deyi Sec School

"The information was extremely fascinating and the engaging instructor only made everything more interesting."

"The course was able to teach Science in a fun and enjoyable way."

"Interesting, and helps us appreciate Physics more."

"It was very fun ! I enjoyed it a lot and gained much knowledge ! :)"

"Would love to join the programme again !"

"He is able to teach us easily in an easily understandable way."

"It was a really enjoyable experience and to try out the flying of airplanes is really fun !"

"He is extremely humorous!"

"It was fun and interesting and the training content was sufficient and easy to understand."

"Enrichment programme must be longer. :)"